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Hello, and welcome to false_delight. This little rotation is operated and maintained by me, Tero.
Here you will find joy in the form of (mostly) Asian music. The journal is usually rotated every 10-14 days (time allowing of course) The files are uploaded through sendspace unless otherwise posted for larger files. There can be anywhere from 5-15 songs per rotation unless I feel in the mood to post more. Any suggestions to improve the quality of the rotation are always welcome. All graphics are done by me, and any coding credit by friends of mine is posted where necessary. I ask that you do NOT take any of these graphics as I work very hard on them. Thank you~

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Email; xxxbeautifuldirtxxx@yahoo.com
LJ; disutorakushon
Aim; disutorakushon
Yahoo; kuuchuu.buranko

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And now, onto the painful part. However, unless I want to get sued and charged with all kinds of scary crimes I must post this.
1.) PLEASE DELETEDELETEDELETE these files within 72 hours. They are for sampling purposes only (although we KNOW this rule is constantly broken.) If you like the artist then BUY THEIR STUFF! XD
2.) If these files infect your computer with any viruses or other harmful things, please do not hold me responsible. They work perfectly fine on my computer and hopefully have no problems working on yours as well.
3.) Please be considerate of other users and myself. If you don't agree with someone or don't like a certain something that has been posted for download please keep it to yourself or express your opinion in an appropriate manner.
4.) DO NOT. DIRECT. LINK. If you are caught doing this I will give one warning. After that if others are caught doing it I will regretfully have to shut the rotation down.
5.) Lurkers, please leave a comment if you take something. It takes all of about 30 seconds and it helps me keep track of what's going where.
Thank you very much~

Yes, I do take requests. And quite happily :D! I ask that no more than two or three songs are requested at a time. Unless it's been posted within the past few rotations I ask that you not request it and wait until a later time. At this time I'm working on reconstructing my playlist. If there's anything you need before I post the list don't hesitate to contact me about it and I'll see what I can do.

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As of right now this list is quite small, with me being slightly hermit-like xD
Kuroi Sakura

Link us 8D!
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