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false_delight's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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Oh my lovelies... [{06 October, 2007} 8:12pm]
To all of you that have so faithfully followed false_delight and it's updates, I thank you very much.

I managed to borrow my aunt's old motherboard (which is amazingly speedy and better than my previous one) but I have no internet connection right now. It's been June since I've had one at home, and I regret to say that F_D will be on hiatus until I can get a connection going at home again.

Thanks to everyone who still checks up on false_delight every once in a while.

Tero <3
Maybe, love.

Regretfully, [{01 June, 2007} 2:59pm]
[ mood | sad ]

My computer has finally crapped out. I'm almost 100% positive that I've lost all of my files, and I'm not even entirely what's wrong with the computer nor if it's fixable. I'm going to be taking it to a relative of mine who works on computers within a week or two (when I get the time) and see if he can manage to fix it. If not, than I'm not really sure when I'll be able to update again. I apologize to you all, and I hope that when I get F_D back up and running that everyone will start downloading again.

Many Apologies,

1 lovelys Maybe, love.

#39 [{07 May, 2007} 6:31pm]
I apologize for this rotation being so late and getting behind in everything. I've kind of been busy/unsure of what to upload/just had no motivation, haha. Many apologies everyone, but here's the new rotation! I'm still trying to sift through and find a good artist to dedicate a future rotation to, so keep an eye open for that :D

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2 lovelys Maybe, love.

#38 [{22 April, 2007} 11:40am]

Daaaamn, these beats are so fresh!Collapse )
8 lovelys Maybe, love.

THURTEASEHVIN [{12 April, 2007} 7:03pm]
NEW ROTATION! And this time, with the help of my good friend Toyo, aka gurotesukku, I've got some extra input on the songs this week! And look out for him in future rotations every once in a while :o

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9 lovelys Maybe, love.

NUMBERTHIRTYSIX [{03 April, 2007} 3:42pm]
New rotation! And it's chock-full this time because I've got the day off! This one I'm just going by the magical shuffle button to help choose this week's songs. I'm also up for any other suggestions for future themed rotations. And within the next couple of weeks I'm going to try for an artist feature.

CLICKCollapse )
11 lovelys Maybe, love.

#35 THEMED! [{27 March, 2007} 7:39pm]
Well now, I've been keeping up with things lately so here's another rotation. I was very pleased to recieve more comments last time around. I really appreciate it. Anywho, last rotation I proposed a themed rotation, but I wasn't sure what kind of theme to do. By the suggestion of heartace this rotation is in a color theme. All of the song titles or band names have a color (or something to do with a color) in them 8D

As another reminder, just remember the rules and enjoy!

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1 lovelys Maybe, love.

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